Health Supplements

Our core focus is on probiotics. However, we are also interested in stocking other products that may deliver health products.



A Powerful New Breakthrough to fight the "Cellular Aging" process and have a Healthier Life. Too good to be true? Find out more about this revolutionary product.

100% satisfaction or money back. See Terms and Conditions.




The breakthrough all-natural, ultra-effective multivitamin

  • Provides you with 21 different vitamins and minerals!
  • From 36 different organic superfoods and botanicals!
  • Fermented to maximize your body’s intake of nutrients
  • ZERO synthetic ingredients
  • 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

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Multi-Vita-Maxx replaces your current multivitamin, Vitamin C supplement, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D3 supplement, and any whole food fruit and veggie supplement you may be taking.